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16 inch material handling assembly swage flange asa150

16" Triple band swaged material handling hose assembly


Roof Drain Systems



Animation of roof drain hose


Applications Flexible hose assemblies for immersion inside storage tanks to drain rainwater from the floating roof. Specially compounded covers are used to resist immersion in high aromatic or corrosive liquids.



Floating roof storage tank


Lining: Smooth bore, mandrel built, Nitrile (NBR) or Neoprene (CR) lined hose, depending on the type of hose specified or required.


Textile cord reinforcement with a high tensile wire helix to resist collapsing by external pressure when immersed


Although these hoses are rainwater drains experiencing low pressures when in use, the integrity of the hose assemblies is checked, after ballasting, by testing to 10 bar with water and vacuum testing to -0.85 bar. Full and detailed test and material certificates are supplied as a standard.


Smooth wrapped finish in the following materials:

PVC/Nitrile Aromatic content up to 80%Viton ® Aromatic content up to 100%

(Tolerance to hazardous environments)

Flanges: Generally mild steel nipples with fixed ASA150 R/F flanges are supplied. Other flanged drillings and material types are available including swivel flanges. The ballast connection is a stainless steel threaded section permanently welded to the hose nipple. The ballast is secured with two threaded stainless steel nuts.Lead ballast and branding:Each hose assembly incorporates a permanently attached lead covered stainless steel cable to prevent the hose from floating in the stored product. A longitudinal white stripe is permanently branded on the cover of each hose to ensure correct alignment. All hoses are supplied electrically continuous. Clamps and chains for roof attachment are also supplied.



Detail of roof drain hose swaged onto serrated tail and ferrule - a length of lead ballast is fixed to the inside of the flange and runs the length of the hose to weigh it down sufficiently.



Hose like a snake but still in shortest route



Leg Protectors, prevent the hose from catching on/wrapping round the legs as the roof descends


To avoid the need for leg protectors and possible wearing out of the hose over time, Fully Articulated systems are also available. These systems utilize hard-wall pipe arms with swivel joints - to allow the system to fold up as the roof changes height.



Example of a three swivel articulated system



Animation of a fully articulated roof drain, reinforced by a chain


Swaging / Crimping


18" Tail to be swaged with triple bands


European Hose is our sister company that specialises in hose assembly and other manufacturing processes, working in unison with W.E. Couplings Ltd on many projects from small scale (pneumatics) to the very large such as floating suction and tank drain systems.



Various Pneumatic Fittings


A large quantity of Euro-Hose's work involves swaging (or crimping) hose assemblies with a multitude of configurations. We work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass variations of most of the major fitting categories: BSP, NPT, RJT, DIN, Triclover, Victaulic, Bauer etc. in every size from 0.5" to 24". These larger sizes is where the unique supermax swager comes into it's own - considering a normal size swager is only able to crimp up to a few inches, this is a picture of our huge version:


18" Suction Hose triple band swaged



12 meter 16" Material Handling Hose Assembly, triple band swaged


When manufacturing hose assemblies for industries like oil and fuel, a high safety factor is applied, to make sure that even under abnormal operation the fixtures and features do not fail. This means in some cases exceeding the standard working pressure by a multiple to show it can take anything that may happen to it in the field. We can also 'destructive test' example hoses and fittings to literally test them to breaking point - to get an indication of the ultimate limits of a setup.



WEFlat with quick release safety clamps under hydrostatic pressure test





Destructive test


European Hose Ltd stocks a wide range of hose to suit all applications; from super flexible layflat hose for water to super durable hard-walled hose for aggressive chemical mediums. swager,swaging,hose,assembly,fittings,crimper,crimping,large,bore,flangeswager,swaging,hose,assembly,fittings,crimper,crimping,large,bore,flangeswager,swaging,hose,assembly,fittings,crimper,crimping,large,bore,flangeswager,swaging,hose,assembly,fittings,crimper,crimping,large,bore,flange

Wheras the basic layflat consists of just PVC and nylon thread, as the hose spec increases its makeup and configuration becomes more complex; depending on the application required from it. High tensile steel braiding is added to provide superior stiffness and burst resistance when under pressure, and multiple layers of nylon and rubber or PTFE are put between these steel structures to prevent it rubbing and abrading itself during flexing.


On applications that require a lot of flexibility, a steel helix is wound around the interior and exterior in an alternating pattern, allowing the hose wall to bend in a shorter radius than normal whilst maintaining an equivalent amount of layered protection. Because of the shorter bend radius it can be used in the 'Pivot Joint' style articulated drain systems, where it is encased in a hinge and attached between pipe arms that fold up as the roof lowers.


'Pivot Joint' style elbow casing


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